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Tests and comparisons of WS2813, WS2812B, WS2815 and similar digital LED strips

Digital LED strip with individual RGB (W) control has long been included in our lives as a decorative decoration. The popularity of such products is growing every day, and even large Chinese online stores sometimes can not cope with the volume of orders in the pre-holiday season and not only. For this reason, a lot of low-quality goods and fakes appeared on the market. In this publication I want to share my experience in using and testing the digital [...]

NS107S 30pixels led strip project in the feast of St Josep

NS107S 30pixels led strip project it’s for the fire show( Malta freedom day ) at the end of march friday in the feast of St Joseph. This project start from our client shared a video,After check some informations we recommend the NS107S led strip, because it is the top quality, better performance than ws2813, so we suggest customer use NS107S to replace ws2813 led strip. this strip is 30leds/m, 6m per roll, black PCB with silicone waterproof.Contact us,