DMX writer 3/4 Channel RGB RGBW Address coder

DMX writer 3/4 Channel RGB RGBW Address coder

Output port connection: ( Figure )
Coded connection
Line -GND
Tier -D +
Three lines -D-
Four lines -PI
Five lines -NC

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①: LCD display; ②: Change function menu button ③: +; ④: -;⑤: OK ⑥: SD card holder; ⑦: Power DC5-24V; ⑧: Power USB interface ,can be connected with power bank; ⑨: Signal output port.
a) Choose language: press the ▲ and ▼ keys at the same time, and wait for the LCD screen to display, “EN” means English and “中” for Chinese.
b) Two work mode, coding mode and paly mode. If SD card is detected, enter play mode; if there is no SD card, enter encoding mode.
1 . Preparation before coding
Before Coding, please connect the A(D+),B(D-),GND to the LED light, check it whether connect right.
2. Ready to Coding
After power on,Light up all “R, G, B, W”( Overall four-color synchronous jump test, To confirm the presence of the A/B line.
If the program is not normal, do not write code / parameter operation, firstly check the problem and then write code.
3. Coding
Click the coding button, the IC which received new address code will drive RGBW port with full 20% grayscale output. (If led strip, it behaves as RGBW dark-light at the same time) , so the new address code has taken effect.

4. Finished coding
After finished the coding, the IC that receives the new address(IP) will behaves as R port 25% grayscale output.
(If the R port is connected to the LED’s R channel, it will be red dark-light。By analogy, if connect with LED’s G channel, it will be green dark-light).
Now the new parameters have taken effect and the coding is complete.
After coding, we can use special test program for testing, the coder with built-in test program (usually running one by one or brush color),and the one by one running performance shows that the led strip has a minimum pixel brightness 100% white color.
Note:after coding for whole section,if any two pixels are light up at the same during special test program, so the address code is interrupted, and the default address of the IC turn zero. The technical term is called re-code.
Above, regarding the aging of DMX512 products need to be standardized. if you have any questions during the use, please feedback to our engineering department.

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