• 27Khz NS108 16bit 65536 5050 RGB Pixel LED Chip

    NS108 LED is the upgrade type of NS107S, 16bit RGB Pixel LED Chip 5050
    RGB three-color output control, 64Bit (65536 level) color settings.
    each output channel can output 16 (65536 level) gray adjustable linear current

  • 5mm-10mm 12v/24v dotfree flexible COB LED Strips

    1. Epistar led chip, 5yrs warranty
    2. Color: 2700k, 3000k, 4000k, 6000k , Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.
    3. All of Materials Are Accord With CE Rohs Standards.
    4. Easy to Install and Preserve;can Be Bent Freely; With 3m Adhesive Tape On the Backside.
    5. High Color Efficiency, Uniform Illumination.
    6. Beam Angle 180°.

  • 90RA SMD3014 60leds 84leds 120leds 156leds Side View LED Strips

    Newstar’s SMD2835 LED strip lights series have 90RA 95RA 97RA,it is Epistar High CRI and High brightness LED Strips, so it is an ideal solution for retail and other commercial applications which need high CRI or high brightneess to highlight features. we have Different kinds SMD2835 LED strips for options: 60LEDs/m, 120LEDs/m, 240LEDs/m SMD2835 led strip lights. And Customized design is warmly welcome, we can realize it according to our customer’s requirements.

  • Addressable 6pin NS107S RGB digital LED Chips 5050 replace APA102

      NS107S is the upgrade type of APA107, PWM refresh rate 27kHz, Oscillator Frequency is 40MHz.
      NS107S RGB LED chip is same with APA107 with a type ic for the three-color RGB Diming control strip and string ,This ic using the CMOS process to provide three-color RGB LED output driver to adjust the output with 256 gray scale and 32 brightness adjustment,NS107S RGB LED diodes with 2 signal output way, one is clock ,another is data, the clock and data is synchronizated ,so that the crystal cascade piece of output movement is sychronizated.

  • Addressable CCT Adjustable DMX512 Pixel LED Strips

    Addressable CCT Adjustable DMX512 Pixel LED Strips

  • Addressable SK6812 White Pixel Digital LED Strips

      SK6812 White is a smart LED control circuit and light emitting circuit in one controlled LED source,which has the shape of a 5050 LED chip. Each lighting element is a pixel, and the intensities of the pixels are contained within the intelligent digital interface input. The output is driven by patented PWM technology, which effectively guarantees high consistency of the color of the pixels. The control circuit consists of a signal shaping amplification circuit, a built-in constant current circuit, and a high precision RC oscillator.

  • Addressable WS2813 3535 Pixel Digital LED Strips

    WS2813 Pixel Digital LED Strip Lights adopt WS2813 led chip with dual signal to be the light source,and the capacitance is package in the led chip, so you can see there are no capacitances on the PCB. WS2813 Pixel Digital LED Strip Lights is more stable than another pixel digital led strip lights, as one led is broken will not affect another LED Working.

  • Addressable WS2815 5050 DC12V Pixel LED Chips

    WS2815 DC12V Pixel LED Chip is an intelligent control LED light source that the control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a package of 5050 components. Its internal includes intelligent digital port data latch and signal reshaping amplification drive circuit.
    DC12V Dual-signal wires version, signal break-point continuous transmission. Any pixel’s failure won’t affect signal transfer and total emitting effect.

  • APA102 White Pixel Digital LED Strips

    We don’t suggest dotstar APA102 White LED Strip. If need economic type, you can use APA107, if need higher PWM than APA102, you can use NS107S.

  • APA107 3000K+6000K Mixed White Pixel LED Strips

    APA107 3000K+6000K Mixed White Pixel LED Strips

  • DC12V DC24V DMX512 RGB Pixel Digital LED Strip Lights

    Built-in RS485 decoder chip(A/B/GND), parallel signal transmission (one broken≠ all broken), original DMX address can be reset by address setter, compatible with DMX512/1990 protocol.

    There are five wires:
    DC+ and GND connect to power supplier;
    A, B and GND connect to controller.

  • DC24V Addressable 60leds 5wires DMX512 RGB LED Strips

    -24V Addressable RGB Led Strip
    -Individually Programmable Led Strip
    -Address Can Be Written
    -Break Point Continued
    -Two Data Lines, Two Power Lines,12mm Wide White PCB, 256 Gray Grade, Can Getting any Effects With Address Programming By the DMX Controller.
    -Big Advantage is: Special: *Address Can Be Writen *Break Point Continued.